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Opportunity to work at The Mission

The Mission is a small, informal congregation on the edge of the University of Aberdeen campus. We are a varied group that feels like a family. Our ethos is very much one of warmth, welcome and community as we walk, sometimes stumbling, in our journey of faith together.

We are surrounded by, and involved in, many areas that require ministry, service and prayer.

Old people, children and teenagers at local schools, university students (including many international students), people in poverty, people struggling with addictions – these are all groups that we as a congregation are involved with. We actively partner with others in whatever work needs to be done, in providing our building for Christian work and in meeting to pray for our city.

As a congregation we are aware of so much work that we would like to be able to do, but often the limitation on this is the fact that we are a small number of people.

Echoing Acts 16, we want to say “Come on over to The Mission and help us!” We need a warm hearted, team player who loves Jesus and would like to work and serve with us. The person would need to embrace a spirit of partnership with other churches and Christian groups, as that is integral to who “The Mission” is. We would like someone who would be able to teach, although they would not solely be responsible for the teaching, but would rather be part of a team. We are an urban congregation and so applicants need to be interested in urban ministry. It would be helpful if the church worker had ICT and administrative skills. We are looking for someone who could commit to being with us for a minimum of 3 years.

If you are interested in applying for this job please contact either Andrew Louden (07769 743565) or Hector Mackenzie (07891 016940).

Looking forward to meeting you!


Colby’s Baptism

This Sunday we’ll be baptising Colby in the River Don! We’ll meet at 11am at The Mission for a short service before heading down to Seaton Park for the baptism and then back to the church to get dry and enjoy lunch together. It will be great to celebrate with Colby and pray for him as he takes this step of commitment and also to hear his testimony of all that God has done in his life – looking forward to seeing you then!


Alpha follow-up

HI folks,

Alpha course is starting up again next Wednesday the 24th of July. We will be looking at the gospel of Luke starting at 7:30PM each week running for 6 weeks.


Our Last Alpha Night

For our last Alpha night, the Chinese teachers all cooked us a fantastic meal, and we had a great end to a great course. In fact, it was so good that we’re planning to run a follow-up course later in the summer… details to come nearer the time.


Ruth – True Devotion

For our summer series we are going to look at Ruth and Nehemiah. The idea is that as well as looking at these books on Sunday morning we can also read through them in our own time and discuss them together – either in person or online. Here are some questions about Ruth to get our thinking started:

What would it mean for us to show kindness and loyalty in our relationships which goes way beyond what is expected of us culturally?

In what ways is your own life journey similar to Naomi’s?

Have there been any people in your life who have acted like a Ruth or a Boaz?

Has Jesus been like a Ruth or a Boaz for you?

What are the parallels between the story of Ruth and the way that God has included you into his family?



Not just a business meeting! The AGM is a chance to meet together for worship and prayer, reflecting on where he has led us this last year and where he will lead us in the next. The ‘business’ of the meeting is also important, recognising the work that Craig does as our treasurer, looking after the finances and enabling the church to run smoothly and prayerfully considering those up for re-election this year.


Alpha Away Day Sat 18th May

Sat 18th May is our Alpha Away Day where we look at the topic of the Holy Spirit together. We’ll be heading up to Newhills Stables for the day, looking at 3 talks including ‘who is the Holy Spirit and what does he do?’ and ‘how can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?’. Lots of people have signed up already, so if you’re interested in coming let us know asap.


Alpha Course

Are you interested in finding out more about life and faith? Do you have questions about Christianity? Then Alpha could be just the thing for you. It’s informal, friendly and fun – we eat a meal together, watch a video looking at a different topic each week and then split into discussion groups where everyone is able to have their say. There is no pressure, and it is designed for people who don’t usually come to church. Our course starts on Wed 17th April at 7pm at the church and will run each Wednesday for 7 weeks, we’d love to have you along!


Vision Building Day

On Sunday 21st April we will have a shorter service, followed by lunch and a ‘vision building day’ led by Anne Tree. She will be helping us to think through where God is leading us as a church. We feel this is an especially important day given the transition period we will be entering as a church as we get closer to the date when Dave & Beccy move down to Glasgow and would like to encourage as many people as possible to be involved in this process of seeking God’s will and looking forward together to his plans for us as a church.