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We store sermons for those who couldn't make it to the service. Hope it helps!



1 Samuel 3 Steven Hamilton

Samuel: Priest, Prophet & King


Judges 4 – Steven Hamilton

The LORD is the deliverer:
– again
– against a mighty enemy
– with unlikely people


Numbers 12 Hector Mackenzie

What’s so special about Moses?


11th May 2014 Part 2 – Psalm 1

In the second part of the service Kevin Hargaden speaks from Psalm 1 about the blessing of a deepened intimacy with God through meditation of the Psalms and prayer.


11th May 2014 Part 1 – Plus One

In the first part of the service Claire Hargaden speaks about the Plus One project in the context of John 11 v 32-44.


Deutoronomy 7 v 12-16

This is the second in our series on great blessings in the bible. Hector speaks about “The moment” and “The mission”.


Palm Sunday

Bill Richardson talks about Jesus – the King of kings.