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Judges 4 – Steven Hamilton

The LORD is the deliverer:
– again
– against a mighty enemy
– with unlikely people


Numbers 12 Hector Mackenzie

What’s so special about Moses?


Rotas for September 2016 to January 2017


Opportunity to work at The Mission

The Mission is a small, informal congregation on the edge of the University of Aberdeen campus. We are a varied group that feels like a family. Our ethos is very much one of warmth, welcome and community as we walk, sometimes stumbling, in our journey of faith together.

We are surrounded by, and involved in, many areas that require ministry, service and prayer.

Old people, children and teenagers at local schools, university students (including many international students), people in poverty, people struggling with addictions – these are all groups that we as a congregation are involved with. We actively partner with others in whatever work needs to be done, in providing our building for Christian work and in meeting to pray for our city.

As a congregation we are aware of so much work that we would like to be able to do, but often the limitation on this is the fact that we are a small number of people.

Echoing Acts 16, we want to say “Come on over to The Mission and help us!” We need a warm hearted, team player who loves Jesus and would like to work and serve with us. The person would need to embrace a spirit of partnership with other churches and Christian groups, as that is integral to who “The Mission” is. We would like someone who would be able to teach, although they would not solely be responsible for the teaching, but would rather be part of a team. We are an urban congregation and so applicants need to be interested in urban ministry. It would be helpful if the church worker had ICT and administrative skills. We are looking for someone who could commit to being with us for a minimum of 3 years.

If you are interested in applying for this job please contact either Andrew Louden (07769 743565) or Hector Mackenzie (07891 016940).

Looking forward to meeting you!